We are a coalition of riders, land managers, and builders who want to continue to progress a wider variety of trails in the Four Corners region.


We are so lucky to have a community that is supportive of trail use in all capacities. For those of us who like to enjoy the trails on two wheels, it's easy to appreciate the large network of trails that is already established in our region. We have a vision of helping to expand that trail network with more diversity of challenging trails in a way that provides a thrill for those on two wheels while keeping all users safe and happy. 

The unfortunate reality is that a lot of users have felt that the only way they can find these trails is by building them illegally. We want to change that by ensuring that we provide the open line between users' desires and the respective land managers with the appropriate proposals and planning necessary.

Another step toward progression is by establishing a directional trail system for safety and so we can have a more difficult trail network available for those riders who seek it, while still catering to all ability levels and other users.

The progression of our trail network is necessary for future tourism. People travel from all around the globe to ride bikes. We need to put Durango at the top of their list!




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