Animas City Mountain Trails- Input Needed!

The BLM has adopted a few of our favorite trails on Animas City Mountain. We now have the opportunity to create a bigger trail hub in the Durango area. Animas City Mountain offers the most bike-friendly fall lines in Durango. Since bicycle users are not the only users on the trail, we are interested in hearing from every user group to hear their suggestions for potential trails on Animas City Mountain. We need input quickly as the proposal period closes on October 1st, 2017. None of this matters unless we hear directly from the public about what you want to see on your community trails. Please leave a comment below about your desires for this trail system and we look forward to getting your input!

Graysill Dig Day Details - Saturday July 15th

OK everyone who is interested, we are meeting at 715 am in the Purgatory parking lot right in front of the Hermosa Park Road entrance. Right now we likely have 2 or 3 spots in the one vehicle going out there. There will be tools and extra water with us, but please pack some food, water and rain gear since it is a ways out there and the monsoon is upon us!!!

If you are riding out have a ton of fun and we will be out there by 830 at the latest.

If you want to drive your own vehicle it is a rough road and requires high clearance. Please be careful.

Thanks to everyone and we are excited to see everyone out there for our first trail maintenance day!

Please send any questions to:



Graysill Work Day

Graysill Trail work day is upon us!!!

We know it is short notice, but we are doing a volunteer work day, Saturday July, 15th. The goal this weekend is to take care of the major trenching and drainage issues from Cascade Divide Road down to Cascade Creek. As many of you understand that this is a quite a way out there, so if you are in to do some work please contact us through e-mail or stop in to talk us through our various offices of employment so we can accommodate. There will be at least one truck going out the road with tools and water.  You can also make it a fun ride day and ride out via your desired route and meet us on trail and pitch a hand as long as possible. Thanks to a solid crew all of the trees are off the trail down to the Cascade Creek and one has fallen recently along the west side of the creek.

We had a great conversation tonight with Matt Janowiak from the Forest Service and there are new things coming in the Log Chutes area that we will partner us with T2K (Trails 2000) so we can bring you gravity trails with shuttling as an option.  This is the future of riding in the Four Corners Area and we are psyched!!!

With the building of lift served tails at Purgatory and shuttling to new trails in the Log Chutes area it is an awesome time to ride bikes in our area.  Please Reach out to us for trail ideas and suggestions and we will work to make them a reality. As a crew that wants more challenging trails we are figuring out ways to make that a reality.

User groups beyond gravity fed mountain bikers have no fear, you are our focus also!!! We will be working to create uphill biking trails that will be shared with all other user groups. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than bikers bombing down the mountain at you and your family. We want the create trails that bikers are not allowed to descend in order to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and happy!

Come out and support your trails Saturday July 15th and everyday!!!




Long Hollow Closure Reaction

    It is a sad day for Southwest Colorado because the National Forest Service decided to do the opposite of compromise and destroyed one of the best trails in the area, Long Hollow. Hundreds of locals and a few lucky out-of-town folks had the privilege to ride the primitive trail. The forest service has an archaic principal that, if it wasn't a sanctioned trail, that it must be destroyed. Today the world lost, too, because the powers that be cut down living trees to make a great trail disappear. It is a very old precept that must disappear into the past. The NFS needs to open a dialogue with the local riding population and find a constructive solution for these "illegal" trails in the area.  Sure, Long Hollow would need some slight drainage mitigation over the years, but so does every trail built!   

    All of us need to be honest in that the biggest problem on these trails is the grazing livestock. They spread weeds, walk in a very thin line no matter the conditions, all of which causes amazing destruction of our trails. If you have ever been on Hermosa Trail when the cattle are coming down in the fall or anywhere the grazing livestock have been you know that you may not be able to use your water bottle or camelbak due to the amount of feces on everything. The worst part about any of this trail damage is that ranchers contribute little to none towards trail maintenance, or at least it is not visible to most of us. These realities need to be changed.

    The truth of the matter is new trails are popping up weekly and two things need to happen: first, adoption not destruction and second, construction of a directional, more challenging trail network. When the land managers find a new trail they need to study its use first and if they decide that something needs to change, close it temporarily and work out the changes with the users.  A very real reality is coming into focus in that, with modern bike design, we all can ride faster while being more comfortable on rougher terrain. The old premise of one trail for all users is becoming dangerous for everyone. We NEED to move forward with the rest of the major trail centers in the world and have a directional, more challenging trail system that will engage more users from around the world.

    Four Corners Freeride Coalition is going to reach out to the NFS and see if we can come to a functional compromise on these subjects. We need your help to make this a reality! We are a huge group of land conservationists that are willing to volunteer and work so that we get the trails that we enjoy. Lets expand our trail network so we all have more trails to share!



This is the beginning!

We are coming together to become the next step forward for Durango's mountain bikers. We want to start with in town pump tracks for kids and adults to learn bike handling skills. A good amount of sweat and effort can do a lot to build and maintain small public pump tracks. We need people in the community willing to help.

We need your help to identify unused or underutilzed spaces to build pump tracks first and dirt jump spots in the future.

UPDATE September 2017: There is a rad new pump track near the Factory Trails up at FLC. Thanks to those in our community and the FLC Cycling Team who put in the hard work to make that happen!