Graysill Work Day

Graysill Trail work day is upon us!!!

We know it is short notice, but we are doing a volunteer work day, Saturday July, 15th. The goal this weekend is to take care of the major trenching and drainage issues from Cascade Divide Road down to Cascade Creek. As many of you understand that this is a quite a way out there, so if you are in to do some work please contact us through e-mail or stop in to talk us through our various offices of employment so we can accommodate. There will be at least one truck going out the road with tools and water.  You can also make it a fun ride day and ride out via your desired route and meet us on trail and pitch a hand as long as possible. Thanks to a solid crew all of the trees are off the trail down to the Cascade Creek and one has fallen recently along the west side of the creek.

We had a great conversation tonight with Matt Janowiak from the Forest Service and there are new things coming in the Log Chutes area that we will partner us with T2K (Trails 2000) so we can bring you gravity trails with shuttling as an option.  This is the future of riding in the Four Corners Area and we are psyched!!!

With the building of lift served tails at Purgatory and shuttling to new trails in the Log Chutes area it is an awesome time to ride bikes in our area.  Please Reach out to us for trail ideas and suggestions and we will work to make them a reality. As a crew that wants more challenging trails we are figuring out ways to make that a reality.

User groups beyond gravity fed mountain bikers have no fear, you are our focus also!!! We will be working to create uphill biking trails that will be shared with all other user groups. We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than bikers bombing down the mountain at you and your family. We want the create trails that bikers are not allowed to descend in order to keep everyone safe, comfortable, and happy!

Come out and support your trails Saturday July 15th and everyday!!!